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Tim Grimm and his Family Band shine on A Stranger in this Time


Tim Grimm and the Family Band –  A Stranger in this Time

One of the folk albums that I have been listening to over the last few weeks is A Stranger in this Time by Tim Grimm and the Family Band. It’s a great album from a wonderful singer-songwriter.

About Tim Grimm

I first became aware of Tim’s music back in 2010, when I first started blogging. One day I heard one of his songs on XM radio.  I came home and immediately searched Rhapsody for his music. Heart Land  was the first album of Tim’s I listened to, and I was hooked on his music. Heart Land had in fact been released ten years earlier in 2000. At the time, I didn’t know that….

 ……. on the strength of that recording, was named 2000’s “BEST DISCOVERY in Roots/Americana Music” by The Chicago Sun-Times.

Or that…

His albums COYOTES DREAM and NAMES, led to his being named “2004 MALE ARTIST of The Year” by the Freeform American Roots DJs.

But I soon discovered that like his website says…

Tim’s songs are full of the rural rumblings that have shaped his life—rich with descriptive details, and sung with warmth and intimacy—recognizing the inextinguishable national romance with the idea of the family farm and the vanishing landscape of rural America.

He grew up in the woods and small town settings of southern Indiana, son of schoolteachers and grandson of farmers, and his return home was a conscious choice to live a life of significance rather than one of “success’. He now lives with his wife on 80 acres close to where he grew up.

You can read Tim’s full biography here

Over the following years, Tim’s albums The Back Fields, Holding Up the World  and Thank You Tom Paxton have been added to my music library. Thank You, Tom Paxton an album of covers of many of my favorite Tom Paxton songs!

About A Stranger in this Time

A Stranger in This Time just may be my favorite folk album of the year. This is the first album  from the Grimm family band. Tim was aided in both the writing and production of the songs by his sons Jackson Grimm (guitars, banjo, octave mandolin, vocals) and Connor Grimm (bass), as well as his wife, Jan Lucas (harmonica, vocals). While his sons have been playing and touring  with Tom for the last few years and wife Jan has been touring with him since 2004,   this is the first time they have collaborated as writers, musicians, and producers in such a focused way

Guest musician Hannah Linn on drums and percussion joined the family band.  As well as, Diederik van Wassanaer who is the guest fiddler on two tracks. Diede brings a heady energy to both “So Strong” and the traditional  song “Darling Cory”. Tim’ son Jackson arranged  “Darling Cory”.

Bottom Line

Stranger in this Timeis a terrific album (**** stars) full of  great tunes. The opening track ” These Rolling Hills” pays homage to the previously mentioned hills of his homelands. “Gonna Be Great” is possibly the first overtly politic song I can remember from Tim. In the song he expresses my feelings about the President perfectly!  “Black Snake” is another socio-political gem. I love story songs and “Thirteen Years” is a great one. As Tim tells the story of a tree felled by lightning on his grandfather’s farm, his father and a guitar.  Tom also does a fine job covering the classic “Darling Cory”

I can go on and on about the album but just check it out for yourself ! As for me I really need to listen to more of Tim’s great back catalog which is also full of great songs!! We should all say Thank You, Tim Grimm!

Links for the Further Exploration of the Music of Tim Grimm

Artist’s Website

Here’s a playlist with three of my favorite songs from A Stranger in this Time

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