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Dec 23, 2016 – A Good Work Out and Morning Music from Bill Miller

A Good Work Out and Morning Music from Bill Miller

T-minus two days until Christmas much of today was spent getting the house ready for tomorrow’s guest. Every Christmas Eve my wife’s Uncle Jim and his wife Nathalie visit on Christmas Eve morning. This year all of our children and grandchildren are going to be able to come, too! I think that the only one who will be missing is Peter’s wife Missy! I’m glad that Jim will be able to spend time with the grandchildren. Actually, I’m glad we all get to spend time with Jim and Nathalie.

Morning Exercises and Meditation –

Today I did the extended version of the Kundalini, Weights and Band routine that I have been doing daily for the last week or so. In the extended version the time for the weights and bands is longer. The total length of the extended version is 40 minutes in length as opposed to 30 for the shorter version. The band part is a little more active than in the shorter version.

According to my Fitbit,  I burned a whole 193 calories today against 102 yesterday. Today I was in the Fat Burn Zone for 15 min. Yesterday it was only 8 minutes! And my peak heart rate today was 137, whereas yesterday it was only 108!

The Soundtrack for the Workout was just the Spa station on Sirius XM. I particularly liked the music that was accompanying my meditation, some nice Native American flute. Near the end of the meditation I quickly glanced to see who the artist was that was playing, It was Coyote Oldman  with a song titled :”Field of Clouds” After the meditation, I checked at Spotify to see what album the track was from. What I should have done was check my iTunes library because the track is there!  It appears on Coyote Oldman’s 1990 release Thunder Chord. It is one of the two Coyote Oldman albums in my library!! You can check out the album here on Spotify.

Bill MillerMorning Music – Raven in the Snow – Bill Miller

After my breakfast, I had to do some errands. While I was gathering things to take with me, i.e the phone. I glanced over and saw a Jensen portable cassette player. I bought that a few years ago to use to record and convert the music on my cassettes to mp3s. As I looked at it I thought, hey, that will work with my car radio! So I pulled a cassette off of a shelf near my computer. It happened to be Raven in the Snow  from Native American folk-musician Bill Miller.

I first discovered Bill Miller’s music in the mid to late 90s, when I started listening to new music, after the baby years with my children!  Four l of his albums are in  my music library.  They are Ghostdance, Raven in the Snow, The Red Road and Spirit Rain.

From AllMusic:

The strength of the Native American people and the hardships of their lives are captured through the folk-like balladry of Nashville-based singer/songwriter Bill Miller. Miller’s best-known tune, “Tumbleweed,” co-written with Peter Rowan and included on Rowan’s 1990 album Dust Bowl Children, reflects on a memorable Native American character; Trail of Freedom, however, focuses on alcoholism among Native Americans.
The son of Mohican-German parents, Miller was born on the Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation in northern Wisconsin. Music played an essential role in tribal life, and Miller, whose Mohican name is Fush-Ya Heay Aka (meaning “bird song”), learned to sing traditional songs at an early age. The sounds of nature including the howling of coyotes and the hooting of owls were also influential. Contemporary popular music, however, had a powerful effect on Miller’s musical evolution. An enthusiastic fan of the Byrds, the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles, Miller often traveled into town to buy records. Read more

About Raven in the Snow

From AllMusic:

….Bill Miller released his second album, Raven in the Snow, in 1995. Any preconceived notion that this might be new age or traditional music is put to rest immediately with the opening track, “River of Time.” The song is a harmonica-driven, midtempo rocker that compares favorably with the music of artists like Peter Himmelman. The song contains a heavy spiritual vibe that runs through the entire record, from the powerful lyric of “Listen to Me” to the fire-and-brimstone tone of “The Final Word.” Read More

My favorite tracks are the title track “Raven in the Snow”, and :”Listen to Me”

To Further Explore the Music of Bill Miller Visit –  His Website   AllMusic  Wikipedia

Here is Bill showing off his prowess on Native American Flute  playing -“Spirit Wind”

P.S. The  second part of this post will come in a bit – time to stop now and do more chores!! Christmas is Coming!!

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