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A Brisk Evening Walk Listening to “Midnight Motel” from Jack Ingram


Can A Good Walk Start Me Running Again?

This summer has been bad for running. I just can’t seem to get back into the groove. It appears to be a combination of things. First July and August were both hot months. And when you couple the heat with the fact that my wife and I usually don’t get home from babysitting at least one to two nights a week past six o’clock, You start to see why, I can’t seem to make myself find the time to get out and run. Hopefully, when the temperatures cool off a little this month, I can make myself start-up again!

The Walk…..

I have walked a little though, once about a week or so ago and then again last night. Last night, when I went to make dinner, I needed rice for my General Tso’s chicken. But instead of driving to Dollar General to buy the rice I decided to walk. I knew that if I walked along portions of my running routes, I could make the walk there and back be about a two-mile walk. So I loaded up Jack Ingram’s latest release Midnight Motel and took off!

My pace stayed brisk throughout the walk. So I completed the round trip in just a hair over 30 minutes with an average pace under 15 minutes/mile (14:45) My heartbeat average was 102 bpm with a max of 129. The Fitbit says that I spent 16 minutes in the Cardio Zone and 11 minutes in the calorie burn zone. The result was that I burned 253 calories. While that doesn’t seem like much, it is more than I would have burned if I had driven to Dollar General!

Jack Ingram - Midnight MotelThe Soundtrack – Midnight Motel – Jack Ingram

The soundtrack for  the walk was the first album in seven years from one of my favorite Texas singer-songwriters Jack Ingram. I discovered Jack’s music back in the late 1990s when I started listening to music again after years of raising my kids and listening to kids music. Along with Jack I discovered artists like Pat Green, Charlie and Bruce Robison and other Texas music artists. These guys like many other Texas musicians made it big in their home state, but really weren’t known beyond Texas’ borders

Both Pat and Jack left their native state and headed for super-stardom in Nashville. Unfortunately that never happened for either one of them. Pat came back to Texas a few years ago to make his type of music again and Midnight Motel is Jack’s return to his roots. Count me among those who are glad they both have returned to making good Texas music again!!

What Others Are Saying

Here’s a great review of Midnight Motel from Saving Country Jack Ingram Doesn’t Give A Damn on ‘Midnight Motel’ & It’s Pretty Brilliant. There’s another good article about Midnight Motel at No Depression titled – Jack Ingram’s Triumphant Return. Here’s a little taste from that article…

….There’s a warmth and intimacy to parts of Midnight Motel, like Ingram recorded it in one take, and this track even features background chatter between him and his bandmates. Still, though, it is a polished record with clean production that highlights Ingram’s easy, laid back vocals and often epic arrangements. “It’s Always Gonna Rain” builds to a symphonic climax, as does the gorgeous “Nothing to Fix”. “Don’t write a song/That you wouldn’t sing,” he says on the latter. A crucial lesson he’s picked up along the way, no doubt, and something he clearly takes to heart on Midnight Motel.

I was in the car the first time I listened to Midnight Motel. It was hard to hear the background chatter and I really didn’t understand what was happening. I actually found it kind of distracting. But when Jack told the story that set the background for the song “Blaine’s Ferris Wheel”,I realized Jack was performing live in the studio and telling stories. He did that when I saw him in concert many years ago! And when Jack’s telling stories that when he is at his best.

My favorite Jack Ingram album may be Live at Adair’s. Hmm, I think I may need to give that one a listen tonight! How about  while I do that why don’t you check out Midnight Motel and let me know what you think!!


Overall, the album gets three stars out of five and climbing! After listening to the album the first time, I wasn’t sure about the album. Now after listening to it a few more times it’s growing on me! Who knows after a few more listens it may be up to four stars. Three stars means I really liked it. My favorite tracks are the opening tracks “Old Motels. “Blaine’s Ferris Wheel” and “Nothing to Fix”

Links for the Further Exploration of the Music of Jack Ingram


Here’s a YouTube Video for “Nothing to Fix”

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