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Bravery – Poor Nameless Boy

Bravery – Poor Nameless Boy –  Saskatchewan, Canada.

One of the albums in my music rotation over the last week is Bravery from Poor Nameless Boy. Since one of my favorite mystery series is the Nameless Detective series this album immediately intrigued me. The fact that it is a damn good Americana album made, by well, a Canadian! Actually, Poor Nameless Boy does have a name – Joel Henderson. Henderson hails from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Music

The Songs of Poor Nameless Boy often tell the stories of both Joel’s own life and the lives of those he’s met along the way.  The songs on Bravery  are straight-to-the-heart style songs, and range from soft and sweet indie-folk numbers to twangy blues-infused cuts.

Henderson says this about his songwriting….

“When I write songs, I’m first and foremost trying to find important stories to tell or highlight the beautiful aspects of these stories,” he explained in a press release. “As a songwriter you’re trying your best to tell a story — the better you tell it, the deeper people may connect or put themselves in those shoes.”

One of the highlights for me on Bravery is the playing of violinist Carmelle Pretzlaw. Her playing meshes so well with Henderson’s guitar and voice. The vocals of another guest-artist Tenille Arts also adds to the album.

Poor Nameless Boy - Performing Atlantic Ocean from BraveryBottom-Line:

This album is really starting to grow on me after a few listens. One of the highlights on the album is still the violin of Carmelle Pretzlaw. For me the weaving in and out of Joel’s vocals and guitar and the violin is perfect and the violin never overpowers anything, it just enhances the many moods of the album!!

Tracks to Check Out : “Bravery”, “Dream Boat”, “Saturn” and “Radio Return” – My favorite track so far “Fairy Tale” where Joel writes that he’s crossed too many bridges with trolls underneath”

Ratings:*  Vocals: 3 Music: 4 Songs: 4 Mood/Pace 3 Variety: 4   Final Rating: 3.4
(*Amazing! 5   Really Liked It! 4   Liked It! 3    It was OK!  2  Didn’t Like It!)

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Since I was listening to Bravery along the Atlantic it only seems fitting that we watch Poor Nameless Boy performing “Atlantic Ocean”


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