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Tiger Maple String Band – Coming Home

This morning I was in need of a little pick-me up and I turned to some old-time bluegrass music. I listened to the Tiger Maple String Band, a band that I discovered on the Roots Music Report’s Bluegrass Chart back in December of 2012. Their album  hit the spot! I particularly love the instrumentals! Here’s the post I wrote about the band back then, It was originally posted at Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries…..

Tiger Maple String Band Playing Old-Time Music Since 1999

So last night I was checking out the Roots Music Report for some new music, and there at No 45 sat a band named Tiger Maple String Band. Their name looked interesting. I usually like bands with String Band in their name because that evokes in me thought of old timey music and tthat’s what I heard when I gave their recent release Coming Home a listen. I recognized a couple of old Appalachian standards mixed in with some great instrumentals. I love those instrumentals Here’s what they say about their music – from their website:!

The band draws its inspiration from a variety of different musical directions. The main source of inspiration is old time Appalachian tunes. Fiddle tunes, mountain ballads, murder ballads, coal mining songs and beautiful originals make up a set that leaves a lasting impression on their audience and folks walk away with big smiles and a good feeling of friendship and love.

Tiger Maple String BandThe band hails from Edinboro in northwest Pennsylvania and features Lori Burke on vocals and guitar, Justine and Alison Parker on Fiddle, Barry Smith on Banjo, and Fred Parker on Guitar and vocals.

Links for the Further Exploration of the Tiger Maple String Band

Artist’s Website


The album is full of great vocals and pickin’, so check it out! Here’s some lunchtime music from the band “Coming Home” the title track of their album!

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